Friday, March 12, 2010

Update Panic! or, Leap Years are Not Our Friends

Sorry for missing a couple of updates, a deadline came up on one of my jobs and I have yet to start on my buffer!

... not that it would have mattered, because I was off on my schedule ANYWAY. See, 1940 was a leap year, so the broadcast dates shifted over a day. To reflect this, the new schedule will now be Thursday, Saturday, and Monday.

So I am behind a couple of updates. I hope to be caught up this weekend, so expect a flood over the next day. See you then!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Episode 11 - "Stabbing of June Anderson"

Listen to Superman screw up royally here!

Summary: The mysterious girl has been rescued from the towering inferno in the nick of time, but of course it isn't that cut and dry for Superman. No, it would seem that the girl was the olive in a martini made of arson and INTRIGUE. As a matter of fact, the episode opens on two men making a getaway in a sedan. Bart and Joe, formerly of the North Star Mining Company, sent the fire to cover their tracks of wrong-doing. And by tracks, I mean 'their secretary', the girl trapped on the 20th floor.
  The getaway is cut short when one of the men hears on the car radio the story of the girl's survival. Bart decides to go back and 'fix' the girl before she squeals on them, despite the fact that a) the authorities know that the fire started in their office and b) the two owners vanishing directly after the fire surely would have called for their arrests anyway, even if the girl had died, rendering their need to kill her completely pointless. Bart has a plan to pose as the poor girl's visiting relatives, proving he's a sick bastard as well as heartless.
  Meanwhile (at aforementioned hospital) Clark Kent quasi-flirts with the nurse as he waits for the girl to wake up. He learns from the nurse that the girl was only suffering from smoke and shock and will recover easily. However, she has regained consciousness but once, and mentioned something about two men in a car before falling back to unconsciousness. Armed with the couldn't-possibly-be-more-vague facts and an hour to kill, Kent slips off and as Superman, flies to... look for two men in a car.
  Meanwhile, Joe and Bart park at a garage and waltz into the hospital. If you were paying attention to the title of the episode, you already know this ain't good.
  An hour later Superman has looked into 500 cars already without luck, when suddenly he spots a car with two men! Without thinking he plummets down to stop the car, only to find out (whoooops!) it's a police car and two trigger happy policemen. Superman sheepishly heads back to the hospital just in time to awkwardly explain his absence to a nurse.
  The nurse is hesitant to let Kent visit the girl, until Kent bribes her with the promise of doing a newspaper story (complete with a picture) all about her. But when the nurse goes to check the girl - surprise! - she finds her stabbed. Kent grimly phones this breaking news back to the rewrite desk of the Daily Planet, which is manned by someone who sounds suspiciously like Fred Flintstone.


  • Clark Kent/Superman
  • Joe and Bart, the bad guys
  • June Anderson (nonspeaking)
  • The Nurse
  • Two Cops
  • Fred Flintstone?!


  • Not Superman's finest moment.
  • Seriously, imagine the guy at the rewrite desk saying "Heh, heh, heh" and tell me that ain't Fred Flintstone.
Cop 1: Hey come back! He's flying! Up in the air!
Cop 2: Plug him! PLUG HIM!!
(shots fired)
Superman: Nice shooting, officer!

In the next episode, the plot thickens as we learn the fate of June Anderson's abdomen and the truth behind the "North Star Mining Company"!